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Apple iPod Nano 8 GB

 Apple iPod Nano

After exactly three years since my last review of my brother’s first generation of iPod nano, I finally able to get my hands wet on the third (am I right?) generation of this cool gadget.

Once again, the iPod nano that I tested here is not mine, it’s owned by my work colleague and it’s just freshly arrived last evening. Yummy..


Hey, however cool this gadget looks it’s still a music player (or MP3 player, though strictly speaking it should not be called MP3 player since it also able to play other music formats and videos) so it should be measured on how good the sound it produce.

Using the white earphone the ipod comes with, the sound is clear and crisp enough. Not really special, but it definitely pass the first test.

But it would be unfair if I don’t test the gadget with two of my favorite cans, the Sennheiser PX 100 and dbE Acoustics PR20.

Sennheiser PX 100 Test Result — WOW!!! This ipod is really something. It produces detail sounds clearly. Bass kicks is also very nice and never covered other sounds. I should give it 9.5/10 for the sound.

dbE Acoustics PR20 Test Result — Marvelous! The isolation add some more details of the song. Sweeet…! I felt like I don’t wanna take it off me forever (unfortunately the ipod isn’t mine.. :p).

Display and Interface

Next, it’s all about what I see…

Apple is always well known for the beautiful graphics that are pleasing to the eye of everyone, and this ipod is no exception.

The interface is still very similar with the previous nano though I see more pictures everywhere right now.

Good graphics is also supported by its sharp 2″ inch screen with 302×204 pixels resolution. Don’t worry when it comes to what you’ll see, Apple never let anyone disappointed.

Physical Form

It’s still as thin as before (if not thinner) with only 6.2 mm depth.

Though this is one thing that makes nano a ‘nano’, its sleek aluminum enclosure is somehow too smooth and makes it quite slippery whatever the way you try to hold it.

Buy or Not?

I admit I’m not yet convinced to buy an ipod, not till now….

The 8GB I tried is tagged at $139 and the 16GB is tagged at $189. The price is reasonable enough though you definitely can find a lot cheaper music player out there. But hey, it’s an Apple, they shouldn’t really come cheap right?

If my faithful Apacer MP3 player I bought in 2005 got broken, I would really consider of buying this iPod nano.

2 thoughts on “Apple iPod Nano 8 GB”

  1. david says:

    Bro, is this the Nano with the handphone style (tall, sleek) with portrait screen or the one with short-wide and landscape screen? Thanks

  2. djitz says:


    Yes, the ipod nano I tested was just like the blue one in the picture (tall and sleek). The wide and short ipod was the earlier generation.

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