Lagu Sion PDF


Just last night I was thinking if anyone has created a PDF of Lagu Sion (Indonesian Seventh-Day Adventist Hymnal book). I didn’t see any in the first and second page of Google results for “Lagu Sion PDF” so I assumed that it is not available yet.

Thank God, there are so many Powerpoint version of Lagu Sion available already. Because to create this Lagu Sion PDF, I use one of the Powerpoint version and copy the lyrics to a text file, then I create the PDF version with Microsoft Word. It really speed up the process, because I don’t need to type all the lyrics.

So here it is, the Lagu Sion in PDF format:

Download Lagu Sion PDF Version 1.0

*To download, click on File > Download original.

lagu sion app icon
Update: (June 7, 2012)
I developed mobile app for Lagu Sion, the Android version can be found here in Google Play (Android Market). The iOS version will soon be available after it’s approved. 🙂

How To Make A Live Sabbath School Discussion

 Pastor Ginduk from’s Flickr photostream

Pastor Ginduk from Flickr by’s photostream

I know that a position as Sabbath School group discussion leader is one of the unwanted position in some Adventist church. You got to come early and face a bunch of people who never study their Sabbath School lessons. Help!

Do it wrongly and you got a dull and boring SS discussion… And that was the case with my church youth SS group discussion few years ago.

I tried several ways on how to improve the live of our youth SS discussion. Some works, some don’t, but in the process I learned several things that I believe are essential to improve a SS group discussion.

In this post I want to share to you some of the things that work in my church. 😀 Continue reading “How To Make A Live Sabbath School Discussion”

Different Types of Church

Veneta SDA Church from Flickr by YoungWarrior

Veneta SDA Church from Flickr by YoungWarrior

Quite a catchy title huh? 😀 Well, I just wanna talk about my theories of different church types. I’m not gonna talk about different church denominations here, but rather the different church of SDAs.

From my experiences going around the churches in Philippines, Singapore, Surabaya, Bali, and Jakarta, I see that basically SDA churches can be categorized into at least four types, they are: Continue reading “Different Types of Church”

Lessons Learned as Adventist Youth Leader: Mistakes and Wisdoms

flickr picture by IASD Central Porto Alegre

photo by Rafael Fischer (

AY Department is probably one of the most important department in a church because it prepares the next generation for their responsibilities to God and fellow men. Unfortunately in most churches it is also probably the department that has least attention.

I’ve had a year experience as my church Adventist Youth (AY) Leader. The church was a petite one, with only more or less 10 youth in total. However, the lessons that I learned I believe are quite fundamental and exist in other churches as well.

In this post I want to share some of the lessons that I have the great opportunity to learn during my AY leadership term. Continue reading “Lessons Learned as Adventist Youth Leader: Mistakes and Wisdoms”

Sabbath Readings

Sabbath Readings for The Home Circle

Found this ebook from the General Conference Archive Website. Once again, I think this is a hidden treasure just like the “Believe and Work of Seventh-Day Adventist.”

The book was published back at 1877, more than a hundred and thirty years ago. It pretty much explained the old English words used, many that I don’t understand fully.

The book is probably an old version of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ written by Adventist. It consists of short stories that are full of wonderful lessons.

It’s really a good book for read on Sabbath and a must read for everyone. 😀

Djitz Sabbath School Stack

In the programmers world, there’s such thing called application stack. It’s a list of favorite tools that a programmer use to write programs. A programmer’s application stack usually differs from another programmers’s because there are so many tools available out there, and programmers have different personal taste.

So as with one’s Sabbath School (SS) stack, I believe different people have different favorite Sabbath school lesson studies and preparation books that they read. Although if I’m not wrong, this only applies to less than 10% of church members who regularly read lesson studies to prepare for the Sabbath school discussion. (Don’t you think so?)

Anyway, I’m not writing this post to judge anyone, but I just want to share my Sabbath school stack, a list of my favorite tools that I use to prepare myself for Sabbath school discussion every Sabbath. The list is sorted in order of importance.

  1. e-Sword
  2. Adult Sabbath School Easy Reading Lesson Studies
  3. Sabbath School U Video Cast
  4. Adult Sabbath School Lesson Study Outlines by Bruce N. Cameron, J.D.
  5. Sacramento Church Sabbath School Discussion Video Cast

I will discuss briefly about each of the tools above. Continue reading “Djitz Sabbath School Stack”

Adventist Church(es) in Surabaya Quick Guide

Gereja Advent Tanjung Perak
Gereja Advent Tanjung Perak

Hi brothers and sisters!

I personally create this guide as a quick guide for SDAs who travel to Surabaya and have no idea about the SDA churches there.
This guide does not discuss all the SDA churches in Surabaya, but rather only the churches that I visited, mostly located in the heart of Surabaya city.

Most of the SDA churches in Surabaya are named based on its street or location, making them easy to remember. Finding the route to the churches, however, is another story
since the road in Surabaya is quite “artistically” planned, and public transportation route information is not quite available, even when you ask most of the local residence. So it sure take some time to get familiar with the city.

My two cents, buy Surabaya Map from bookstore, it costs around Rp 30,000 but will be the best investment during stay in Surabaya.

The comment about the churches are based on my personal observation. Continue reading “Adventist Church(es) in Surabaya Quick Guide”