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Lagu Sion PDF

Just last night I was thinking if anyone has created a PDF of Lagu Sion (Indonesian Seventh-Day Adventist Hymnal book). I didn’t see any in the first and second page of Google results for “Lagu Sion PDF” so I assumed that it is not available

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Different Types of Church

Veneta SDA Church from Flickr by YoungWarrior Quite a catchy title huh? 😀 Well, I just wanna talk about my theories of different church types. I’m not gonna talk about different church denominations here, but rather the different church of SDAs. From my experiences going

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Sabbath Readings

Found this ebook from the General Conference Archive Website. Once again, I think this is a hidden treasure just like the “Believe and Work of Seventh-Day Adventist.” The book was published back at 1877, more than a hundred and thirty years ago. It pretty much

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Djitz Sabbath School Stack

In the programmers world, there’s such thing called application stack. It’s a list of favorite tools that a programmer use to write programs. A programmer’s application stack usually differs from another programmers’s because there are so many tools available out there, and programmers have different

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Adventist Church(es) in Surabaya Quick Guide

Hi brothers and sisters! I personally create this guide as a quick guide for SDAs who travel to Surabaya and have no idea about the SDA churches there. This guide does not discuss all the SDA churches in Surabaya, but rather only the churches that