How To Check if a Relation is in BCNF, 3NF, or Both

Another note of my database lecture class regarding Normalization and checking whether a relation is in BCNF, 3NF, or both.

The textbook that I use is “Database Management System” by Ramakrishnan and Gehrke and though it is a very comprehensive textbook, it is not that easy to understand. The discussion about BCNF, and 3NF was so wordy and has few examples.

So this is my way of making notes that will help myself on the final exam later, and I hope it can help you also understanding the BCNF and 3NF relation.

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Adventist Church(es) in Bali Quick Guide

Picture of Gereja Advent Hang Tuah
Picture of Gereja Advent Hang Tuah

It’s been almost a year ago when I left Bali but I will never forget the experiences I had there. I remember clearly more than two years ago when I received a confirmation that I will be placed in Bali, I googled for Adventist churches available in Bali.

There is not so many Adventist church in Bali, there were four established churches and several study group as I left last February 2010.

The Adventist churches I know are:

1. Gereja Advent Denpasar
2. Gereja Advent Hang Tuah
3. Gereja Advent Nusa Dua
4. Gereja Advent Singaraja

From the four SDA churches, I managed to visit three of them during my entire 20 months in Bali. I didn’t have a chance to visit to Singaraja church, although it’s supposedly the nearest church from Bali Camp.

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Info Mendaftar Sekolah S2 ke Amerika Serikat (AS) – Part 3

I-20 and Passport

I-20, Letter of Acceptance, and Passport (with Visa inside)

Selamat anda telah diterima di salah satu universitas di AS! Now what?

Memang proses pendaftaran sekolah di AS boleh dibilang cukup panjang, diperlukan waktu beberapa lama dari mulai mengambil ujian-ujian seperti TOEFL, GRE, dan GMAT sampai anda menerima jawaban dari sekolah-sekolah yang anda telah apply.

Pada kasus saya, boleh dibilang hampir 12 bulan dari saya mengambil ujian TOEFL pada bulan Agustus 2009 sampai saya menerima jawaban dari sekolah di bulan Juni 2010.

Anyway, it’s all worth it. Dan sekarang proses selanjutnya sudah menunggu, yaitu mendapatkan visa student untuk masuk ke AS. Continue reading “Info Mendaftar Sekolah S2 ke Amerika Serikat (AS) – Part 3”

What Facebook Can Do For Your Church (and What It Can Not..) – Part 1

Boston Temple SDA Church

Welcome to the social networking age! Oh yes, everything in the internet nowadays must carry that word ‘social’ or they will be so outdated, or so 2009 as they say it.. In recent years the internet has become so accessible to all people, people no longer need a computer to exist in the internet. They can make their presence by their cellular phones, be it the iPhone, Blackberry, or even any humble Nokia 1210 series.

It is no coincidence also that the biggest name in the social networking world now is.. yes, you know I was going to say it, Facebook! (Sorry Twitter..)

Facebook trend seems to sweep the whole world, more than anything ever in the world of internet. MySpace and Friendster are still there, kicking around, but everyday more and more are switching to Facebook because all of their friends did earlier.

I got to admit I was underestimating Facebook two years ago (that was 2008). I signed up because my friend already signed up to it. In 2009 I got more active in the Facebook, checking it everyday but never participate much. In 2010, I spent my time more in Facebook than checking my email. Continue reading “What Facebook Can Do For Your Church (and What It Can Not..) – Part 1”

Info Mendaftar Sekolah S2 ke Amerika Serikat (AS) – Part 2

Baker Library at HBS

Melanjuti blog post saya yang sebelumnya, di blog post kali ini saya akan menuliskan proses-proses selanjutnya yang akan anda perlu lakukan setelah selesai dengan test-test seperti TOEFL, GRE, atau GMAT.

Tenang saja, boleh dibilang anda sudah setengah jalan dari requirement-requirement yang diperlukan untuk mendaftar ke sekolah di AS. Tetapi jangan lupa, masih ada beberapa hal yang anda perlu lakukan.

Mendaftar di Universitas-Universitas Yang Anda Tuju

Adalah sangat lumrah untuk mendaftar di lebih dari satu sekolah, karena selalu ada kemungkinan untuk ditolak, dan saya yakin anda tidak ingin anda tidak jadi sekolah karena anda ditolak dari satu-satunya sekolah yang anda daftar.

Paling tidak pilihlah tiga (3) sekolah dari daftar ranking sekolah yang anda bisa lihat di US News (baca post sebelumnya). Continue reading “Info Mendaftar Sekolah S2 ke Amerika Serikat (AS) – Part 2”

Info Mendaftar Sekolah S2 ke Amerika Serikat (AS)

Tufts University Boston

*Ini tulisan request teman kerja saya di Bali Camp, semoga bisa berguna juga buat yang lain. 😀

Jadi sekarang anda tertarik untuk melanjutkan studi anda ke luar negeri, lebih spesifiknya ke Amerika Serikat (AS atau US), dan anda sedang mencari-cari informasi bagaimana caranya. Saya harap tulisan saya ini bisa membantu anda untuk mendapatkan sekolah yang anda inginkan.

Bila anda mencari informasi tentang bagaimana caranya mencari beasiswa mungkin tulisan saya ini tidak bisa terlalu membantu karena saya tidak tahu caranya juga. Tapi bila anda mencari hal-hal apa saya yg secara general anda perlu ketahui sebagai syarat untuk diterima di universitas di US, anda sedang membaca tulisan yg sangat tepat. 😀 Continue reading “Info Mendaftar Sekolah S2 ke Amerika Serikat (AS)”

Journey To The West Bali (Gilimanuk and Menjangan)

 Bali Barat Spotlights

Though not as famous as the other part of Bali, the west side of Bali has a lot of things you can’t find in other side of Bali. Last week, me and other 19 of my work colleagues decided to explore this side for two days and we can’t be happier during the journey.

We started from Denpasar, visited Bunut Bolong (Pekutatan), stopped at Pura Rambut Siwi, stayed at Gilimanuk, snorkled and get sunburned at Menjangan Island, slapped by Ayam Betutu of Men Tempeh, and went back to Denpasar.

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How To Transform Oracle JDeveloper to TextMate

 JDev Textmate look
What is TextMate?

TextMate is a text editor software exclusive to Mac.

“.. TextMate has been referred to as the culmination of Emacs and OS X and has resulted in countless requests for both a Windows and Linux port, but TextMate remains exclusive for the Mac..”

It is the editor that David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of framework Ruby on Rails(RoR) use in his RoR video tutorials.

Maybe it’s a great editor I don’t know, cause I don’t have a Mac. Yet, I really love the syntax colors it uses on one of its theme. 😀 Continue reading “How To Transform Oracle JDeveloper to TextMate”

Where In Bali Is Bali Camp?

 Bali Camp Pacung Map and Address

Ok, if you ever visit the company website of Bali Camp, you might have several questions in mind such as:
– Is this really an office?
– Where are the offices, I only see huts?
– I thought Bali is all beach, why it’s like all mountain and valley in the picture?
– Where in Bali is it located?

Unfortunately I cannot answer all the questions this time but the last one.

Bali Camp is located at the heart of the island of Bali. Specifically, it’s located in Desa Pacung, Kecamatan Baturiti, Kabupaten Tabanan, propinsi Bali. Continue reading “Where In Bali Is Bali Camp?”