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How To Make A Live Sabbath School Discussion

  Pastor Ginduk from Flickr by’s photostream I know that a position as Sabbath School group discussion leader is one of the unwanted position in some Adventist church. You got to come early and face a bunch of people who never study their Sabbath

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How To Start Blogging Like Djitz

Many people asked me questions of: – how to start blogging, – where I bought the .com address, – how much I paid for it, – where I hosted my blog, – and all blogging related questions. It’s not that I don’t want to answer

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Tampering Oracle JDeveloper 10 Splash Screen

Well, we all know that most programs display a splash screen showing the program logo and one liner. JDeveloper 10 is no exception and the software one liner goes saying “Productivity with choice”. I have no problem with its one liner, however I believe one

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Bro Ivan Insights for Medtech Graduates and CDs

UPDATE (3/12/2012): You can find other articles related to medtech here. A week ago brother Ivan wrote comments in the “5th Tips for Medtech Intern” post in this blog. He is an AUP medical technology graduate, a senior of mine, and has a lot of

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How Do I Sleep In The Office?

Ever since the third week of my work here at BaliCamp Pacung, I become one of the office habitants. It was started by my senior developer who began sleeping in the office every night a week earlier, and in just a few weeks after, the

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Tips for Medtech Intern

  UPDATE (3/12/2012): You can find other articles related to medtech here. I just had a thought to write something for the medtech intern recently. In the previous two articles, I only address tips for the clinical division students. I believe I should share some