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Course Review – DevOps: The Big Picture – Pluralsight

Summary (TL;DR):

DevOps: The Big Picture is an excellent course. In only 1.5 hours, Richard presented the background motivation for DevOps, the cultural changes necessary for organization to embrace DevOps, and the list of popular tools for each capabilities to support DevOps success.

This is certainly a recommended course for DevOps beginner, and those who wants to refresh their knowledge on basic DevOps knowledge.

If you want more than some quick intro videos on Youtube about DevOps, I recommend this 90 minutes course. 🙂

Review Details:

Content: 4.5/5

This course is spot on the topics of DevOps.

The first part talks about the challenges of most organization with their IT (I know most of you would immediately relate to some of these).

The second part talks about the mindset changes. This part is important, because DevOps is more than just a collection of automation tools (although it’s one of the main components). Organizations that wants to embrace DevOps have to embrace most, if not all, of the cultural shift presented here.

Last part (my favorite) is where he talks about the tools. No details on how to setup each tools here, but the list would provide some ideas of what toolsets are available to achieve the IT capabilities in automated fashion.

Presentation: 4/5

Good slides with photos to illustrate the author’s points. I like the use of fictitious company as an example, making the viewers less defensive and yet still able to relate to the IT organization pains and problems presented.

Richard also keeps the presentation engaging throughout the course.

Hands On: Not applicable

This course does not dig deeper into technical how-tos of DevOps. That’s perfect because the target audience of this course includes top management level and other non-technical team members.

Course Details


Author: Richard Seroter (@rseroter)

Level: Beginner

Course Outline

  • Problems That DevOps Solves
    • Introduction and Goals
    • Organization Characteristics
    • Organizational Pain
    • Identifying Waste
    • Introducing DevOps
    • Summary
  • Making a DevOps Transition
    • Introduction
    • Change Culture
    • Change Culture: Start With Why
    • Change Culture: Empowerment
    • Change Culture: Accountability
    • Change Culture: Teamwork
    • Change Culture: Learning
    • Change Culture: Trust
    • Change Culture: Reinforcing Values
    • Change Organization
    • Change Organization: Gain Understanding
    • Change Organization: Recognizing Bottlenecks
    • Change Organization: Alter Team Structure
    • Change Organization: Streamline Procedures
    • Addressing DevOps Objections
    • Summary
  • Introducing DevOps Automation
    • Introduction
    • The Tools
    • DevOps Technology Categories
    • DevOps Technologies: Collaboration
    • DevOps Technologies: Planning
    • DevOps Technologies: Issue Tracking
    • DevOps Technologies: Monitoring
    • DevOps Technologies: Configuration Management
    • DevOps Technologies: Source Control
    • DevOps Technologies: Dev Environments
    • DevOps Technologies: Continuous Integration
    • DevOps Technologies: Deployment
    • Summary

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