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Koss PortaPro Headphone Review

Koss PortaPro Stereophone

Finally, I can try this legendary headphone from Koss. Why legendary? From a quick google you can find that this headphone series has been manufactured by Koss since 80s (that explains the retro look).

The headphone has always been compared with Sennheiser PX100 because they both portable and roughly tagged at the same price. As a proud PX100 owner I was curious of how Koss PortaPro sounds, and I’m really fortunate to have the chance to try one that my work colleague just bought.

Does it really beat the Sennheiser PX100? Let’s find it out!

Physical Form

The PortaPro size is very similar to PX100. The driver size is also about the same size. PortaPro is foldable and (supposedly) portable. It folds quite weirdly, but compared than nothing I guess it serves its function to be portable well enough. With a retro look, it surely catch attention easily. Not for everyone maybe, but I love it.

It also close the ear perfectly and comfortably, and that means good sound isolation.


From one forum thread dedicated to discuss the comparison of PortaPro and PX100 I already read that the PortaPro sound bright, while PX100 sound dark.

I agree with that. The sound that PortaPro produce is simply brighter and richer than that of PX100. PX100 tends to cover certain detail sounds while PortaPro tends to expose them.

Listening to Jazz and Acoustic songs using PortaPro is really a treat.

Unfortunately when it comes to low sounds, PX100 excel significantly. Not to say that the PortaPro produce bad bass sound, it’s great indeed, but not as impressive as PX100.


Unfortunately in Indonesia, the PortaPro price is tagged at $70.


In general, I’ve got to admit that Koss PortaPro beat Sennheiser PX100 because of the brighter sound reproduction. Acoustic and Instrument songs lover will surely love the PortaPro because of the crystal clear sound. Although if you are a bass head, you would prefer Sennheiser PX100 for more punch pumping bass.

So should you buy Koss PortaPro or Sennheiser PX100? If money is no problem then go buy both of them. 😀

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