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Little Martin LXM Guitar Review

The Little Martin LXM is a travel guitar that is about 3/4 size of a full size guitar. My roommate has it and he said he hasn’t play with it for a while, but it looks like a perfect guitar to review in my blog. 😀


It sounds pretty good, but then you can still hear sometimes it sounds like ukulele. One of the factor must be the top wood, it’s not solid. I believe if it’s for fun time or just jamming around, this little guitar can make you happy.


The neck size and length is very similar to the full size guitar, so there is no compromise for that. However, since the body is 3/4 of the regular guitar, it feels funny when I hug the guitar. I don’t have a guitar strap though, so I don’t know how it feels to play it while standing with a strap.


It feels pretty tough, though again, the laminated top wood makes it feels a bit… fragile. The neck wood looks like the same one Martin put on their full size guitar, and that’s what makes the guitar heavy. Although I don’t weigh it, it feels like it’s heavier than my Voyage Air guitar. Doesn’t sound really good for a travel guitar.


It’s ok, it looks like a standard guitar, only smaller. Nothing stands out.


In Amazon, the Little Martin price is $289.99.


The Little Martin LXM sounds pretty good… for a traveller guitar, that is. Unfortunately, to make the guitar portable, Martin sacrifice some of the important things, such as the top wood quality. What makes me unhappy is, it still use the heavy wood for the neck. Why not use lighter wood for the neck and keep the solid wood for the top?
In the end, I don’t recommend this guitar unless you really need a portable guitar to travel with you. Though, again, I still rather buy Voyage Air guitar for that.

*though you still want to consider this guitar if you need guitar for your children. 😀

Little Martin Demo by IPlayMusic2.

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