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Medical Technologists Greatly Needed In U.S (and other countries too…)

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There is a really interesting portion at the end part of the wiki article on Medical technologist. It’s about the decreasing number medical technologist education program causing decreasing medical technologist available. This of course leads to increase in demand for medical technologist in the US and other countries (not specifically mentioned though).

I tried to look for the exact publications from where the citation is taken, however the wiki doesn’t provide any.

Honestly I was writing a post about my view of medical technology last week then I saw the portion and I decided to postpone my writing first and discuss about this interesting insight rather.

The article then mentions that the average age of the medical technologist now is at late 40s, almost 50. Considering the low number of young medical technologists who will succeed the profession, this will lead to another increase of demand in medical technologist.

Wow!“, that was my initial impression when I read the article, “I hope this is true and so my fellow medical technologists can now have more opportunities and better salary.” Unfortunately there is something paradox at the end of the article. It says

“..yes, the job pays less than others in the medical field.”

Quack! Although once again the article doesn’t mention to what other profession in medical field, it seems that it probably refers to nursing.

Hmm, interesting… So however needed is the medical technologist, it still cannot beat the other medical field professions in terms of salary.

Please note that although I always bring the issue of salary, I’m not saying that it is the most important part of one’s carreer. But simply because it is the most common measurement of a profession. Also from the fact that some of the visit to my website is because people are searching about the pay in medical technology field.

As summary, a part of the article is worth to take note, and I believe it is the best part:

“The best way to minimize this problem is to make secondary and post-secondary educators and advisers aware of both the benefits and the job security of degrees from accredited Med Tech programs, and advising their students to get informed about the profession….  a degree in Medical Technology may open doors to high wages, travel, management experience, or even pave the way to another career, such as Pharmacy or Physician.”

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