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Bali Camp Pacung Pictures – Day Edition

“But… not all that look good at night can look as good at daylight.”

Yes and the opposite is also true, some sites of Bali Camp Pacung look far better under sunlight rather than under artificial lights and so I uploaded several photos of Bali Camp Pacung under the sunlight.

Bali Camp Pacung building is basically a mix of traditional Bali living, surrounded by lush green fields of rice fields and clear blue skies, and comfortable modern facilities, such as open theatres and swimming pool.

I have yet to know if there is any other software house office in Indonesia that matches the beauty of Bali Camp Pacung.

Once again, enjoy the pictures and for larger resolutions, check my flickr account.

Come to the Open Theatre for live performances..

while taking a deep breath of fresh air under the clear blue skies..

or enjoy the green scenery that surrounds the building..

while taking sun bath beside the swimming pool if you want.

7 thoughts on “Bali Camp Pacung Pictures – Day Edition”

  1. May says:

    Djit, i’ve always loved to read your blogs 🙂

  2. pak kumis says:

    gila banget tuh tempat,…

  3. nevins says:

    wow, u got a fan over there bro

  4. moda says:

    djiz..what a cool pictures you got there…please share to us the technique that u use..

  5. djitz says:

    thanks mod!
    I just started to explore wide photography lately and our office has so much inspiring views. 😀

  6. Doli Anggia Harahap says:

    Please be aware readers..
    Pictures can lie..

    What the pictures say is not what you see..

  7. djitz says:

    Hehehe..! Thanks Dol! 😀
    I consider it as compliment… because it means the pictures I make surpass the reality.

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