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Meizu M3 Music Card 8 GB Review

Meizu M3 Review

One day, a work colleague of mine asked me for songs in flac format. I wondered why? Not so many people I know know about flac format.

Later I found out that he just bought Meizu M3 music player. Hearing the brand Meizu, it seems that I’ve heard the brand somewhere, though I’m not sure where.

Then he let me hear the Linkin Park Meteora album in flac format that he copied from me played in the M3. And whoaa… I immediately need to listen some more to this tiny music player.

And this is the result:

Physical Form and Controls

I think M3 is really Meizu product to rival iPod Nano. It is about the same size and look, though Meizu M3’s screen is smaller. The player combine both buttons and soft touch controls, similar to iPod Nano once again.

It took me some time to get used to the control, but it’s quite easy after a while.

Display and Interface

Meizu M3 screen size is 1.5 inch with 176 x 132 resolution. Though the resolution is good enough to watch videos, I feel the screen size is too small for me.

Interface is ok, nothing much special. One particular feature I like is it’s ability to browse all the folders. It’s really helpful when you copied the music files by folders and without artist or album informations. In short, it makes my life easier.


Ever heard the sayings, “Never underestimate the music player by its size”?

Don’t worry if you never heard that, cause I just made it up few seconds ago, right after I listened to this little Meizu M3. It’s a bit smaller than the iPod nano 4th generation several months ago. But its sound quality impressed me so much the way iPod nano did, though somehow I think Meizu M3 sounds superior then nano.

One Meizu M3 unique feature worth mentioning here is the “spatializer”. When I saw it, I think “What on Earth is spatializer???”

But trust me, you don’t need to know what it is, not even how to properly spell it to hear the difference it makes to the sound quality.

The sound settings didn’t stop there. There are Bass Boost, Treble Boost, and EQ (Equalizer) settings. Properly choose these settings and you give your ears delightful treat.


My friend bought the Meizu M3 in Indonesia for $75.

Buy It or Not?

Although with all the goodness I mentioned above, I’m very sorry to say that this product is… A MUST BUY!!!! 😀

Hahaha! Never before I heard a music player that sounds this good. Meizu M3 with its Spatializer, Bass Boost, and EQ definitely kicks iPod Nano off when it comes to sound quality. (Apple lover, please don’t
hurt me…)

Did I mention that it’s half the price of iPod Nano? 😀

In terms of hi-fi audio files, I like it’s capability to play FLAC, though not m4a files. One note though, though it says that it can play WAV files, during this review none of the WAV files I copied can be played.

So it is fellas, if you really looking for sound quality, nothing beat Meizu M3. But if you are looking for coolness, I still give all Apple products straight A+.

Review Notes

dBE Acoustic PR-20 IEM
Sennheiser PX100

Songs tested:
Linkin Park – Meteora – Flac
Dave Matthews – Some Devil – Flac
Jason Mraz – We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things – Flac

5 thoughts on “Meizu M3 Music Card 8 GB Review”

  1. ocha says:

    kansya should read this…. wkwkwkwk… 😀

    1. djitz says:

      hahaha! 😀
      I think she will still love her iPod Nano no matter what Ig..

  2. dickography says:

    ever consider to review a Sandisk Sansa Clip+ bro…? 🙂

    1. djitz says:

      hmm, have no chance yet to get my hands on that DAP.. 😀

  3. dickography says:

    you’ll get it when irfani got one 4 him self… 🙂

    i’ll wait for your breathtakin’ review… ehehehe…

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