The Scrum Primer Review

Think of starting Scrum Agile Development in your team? but you’re not so sure where to start? read the Scrum Primer!

It’s not a book, it’s a 22-page introduction to Scrum.
It doesn’t cost anything, it’s graciously given free.
It’s not a dry whitepaper, it’s an interesting information about Scrum.

It explains quickly some of the Scrum buzz words, such as Sprint, Backlog, Burndown charts, and don’t forget, the ScrumMaster!

So, spend an hour or two to read it, and I guarantee you will have a lot clearer picture about Scrum. 😀

Author: Trijito Santoso

I’m Trijito Santoso, a Seventh-Day Adventist, a medical technology graduate, and a software developer. The reason why I shifted from medical technology to computer science is because I love to create things (design, software, articles, anything), and being a software developer allows me to create things everyday. I’m currently studying Master of Science in Computer Science at Northeastern University, Boston. My Google Profile+

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