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Bali Camp Bloody Pool Ritual

Falling Style 07

When you live secluded from the city, your wild animal instincts appear. The people in Bali Camp Pacung, living far from Denpasar, in a midst of wild green lushes of Bali, up in the mountains, have developed a very merciless form of entertainment.

It is a ritual where very few people can escape and the number of victim keeps rising.

Whenever the ritual is initiated, the harmless people you see in Bali Camp will turn to possessed-blood-thirsty executors who will not stop running and chasing until they catch their prey and execute them.

No one can stop them, so it is safe to keep distance when the ritual is happening. Some courageous (or naive) people managed to take shots of the ritual, but who knows what happened to them when the executors saw them.

Dedicated to the victims and photographers-turned-victims, I present to you the collection of Bali Camp Pool Execution Ritual.

*Some of the content contain violent graphics and are unsuitable for children.

Falling Style 02

Falling Style 03

Falling Style 04

Falling Style 05

Falling Style 06

Falling Style 08

Falling Style 09

Falling Style 10

Falling Style 11

Falling Style 12

Falling Style 13

Falling Style 14

Falling Style 15

Falling Style 16

Falling Style 17

Hahaha! Just kidding fellas, hope you enjoy this post.

Thank you for Adik Iig for the great photos on memorable September 11th, 2008 (The Massacre Night) and other photographers who risk their lives to take these memorable moments. šŸ˜€

4 thoughts on “Bali Camp Bloody Pool Ritual”

  1. ocha says:

    uhuuuuiiiii….two thumbs up for this ritual. Anyway, for you readers, don`t look this ritual from the negative side. Cause, it`s also bring positive effects expecially for new comers. ex. after this ritual, i can make sure that the new comers will be such an old friend with the earliest employee at bc. …feel no differences, no senior-junior. and there is only one big family. wanna prove it ? hahaha….

  2. djitz says:

    Hehehe! Can’t agree more with what you said Ig! šŸ˜€

    Though at first it looks barbaric, it is how we, the people in Bali Camp Pacung, welcome and acknowledge each other. šŸ™‚

  3. gandos says:

    akakaka, the pictures above is awesome dude.
    And yeah, i was the victim myself in the past (my picture is shown above as the most elegant one :P).
    i think, the most suitable person that in ordinary day seem harmless and so calm but when the ritual is
    being performed he/she turn to possessed-blood-thirsty executors was the writer himself :D.

    Maybe next you’ll write about the hellish pond farewell ritual dude ?
    can’t wait for it :))

    1. djitz says:


      Look who commented here.. Gandos, the Execution Mastermind! šŸ˜€
      The most elegant falling style eh? I suppose you are the shirtless one, executed ‘Superman’ style.
      I’m not sure, but probably you are one of the lucky person who get executed twice in very few days in between.

      Hahaha! You’re not saying that I’m the only one who is possessed during the execution ritual right?

      Well I hope I can get lots of pond farewell ritual pictures too. šŸ˜€

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