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Bali Camp Pacung Pictures – Night Edition

me in front of bali camp stone

As most of you have heard about the Bali Camp legends (if you haven’t, then you can listen now..), the Bali Camp office in Pacung, Baturiti, Bali is so much famous for its beauty. Splendidly designed to be unlike any other office, the legend holds true till now.

This was my chat with one of my best friend:

djito santoso: udah lihat fotonya?
my friend: kantor tuh??
my friend: anjeeeennnnggg
my friend: pantesan betah lu di kantor
my friend: emang nasiblu tuh ya ada aja hokynya

[english version]

djito santoso: have you seen the picture?
my friend: that’s an office??
my friend: daaaawwwgggg
my friend: that’s why you love to stay in office
my friend: you really always get lucky in your life huh

Honestly, I was one of the skeptics about the place when I haven’t arrived here.

“Its gorgeous? Really? Yeah.. yeah… Come on, it’s a software house, like how gorgeous can it be?” I said.

But I actually can’t believe what I saw the moment I stepped into the Bali Camp Pacung compound. “This is amazing!!!”

I tried to capture the beauty through wide photos, and although it helps but the experience of seeing the place yourself will never be replaced. However, enjoy the pictures, and believe the legend.

*For more pictures and higher resolutions, check out my flickr.

Welcome to Bali Camp!

Welcome to Bali Camp Pacung!

please enter the lobby

we are at the open theather now

 look upward for a while..

and we arrive at my office, doesn’t it look pretty cozy…?

6 thoughts on “Bali Camp Pacung Pictures – Night Edition”

  1. nevins says:

    he sounds like yoshi… hhahha

  2. Bee says:

    is it really an office? for me, it more looks like a 5 star hotel..

  3. ocha says:

    kenapa balicamp jadi keliatan bagus ya disini..? 😀
    bisa tiba2 aku jatuh cinta ama balicamp kalo gini. haha 😀

  4. djitz says:

    cha, kan ada tuh judul filmnya balicamp yg Irfani sering bilang, “Pacung, I’m In Love” 😀

  5. Doli Anggia Harahap says:

    Why does balicamp always look like a very gorgeous place in a picture??

    apa isi blog ini masih berlaku untuk keadaan sekarang bos??

  6. djitz says:

    Honestly, though not perfect, I believe it’s one of the most beautifully designed office in Indonesia, much more considering it’s not a hotel. 😀

    Hehehe… Foto2nya kan diambil gak lama setelah gw dateng, yg artinya blom lama setelah direnovasi.

    So far masih gak beda jauh sih, gak tahu nanti kalau dah rame populasinya disini. :p

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