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First Three Days Experience at Balicamp Bali

Once again one of my dreams come true last Sunday when I and other 20 persons become the first batch that was sent to the Balicamp at Pacung, Bali.

It was not all sweet experience here though, chilling nights, ice water morning bath, great amount of hidden charges, and isolation far on top of the mountain are just some of the miseries we all experience here.

But when the time we went to Kuta beach, all of series of unfortunate events above are all forgotten.

This article is written to describe about the condition that we feel so far (three days far to be exact.. ;D) about our new work environment at the famous Balicamp. I try to be as objective as possible, though some subjectivities may still present.


Bali is quite famous for its pork eating tradition, so you can easily find many small stores selling pork barbeque around.

Fortunately, for Moslems and Seventh-Day Adventist like me who don’t eat pork, finding the halal food seller is still pretty much easy.


What type of clothing should you bring to Pacung? Well, for this month of July when the temperature here is at its lowest, you may want to bring a few jackets and thick blanket.

I’m not sure what is the temperature here, but I’m sure it can make most of the people to shiver during the night.

But you may want to bring some beach outfit as well since it’s Bali ya know!! Beautiful beaches are everywhere so a sunglasses, swimming suit, and beach sandals are surely in the must bring list.


Now this is one of the most shocking part for me. People at Jakarta always said that the housing cost here in Pacung will be surely a lot cheaper than the cost in Jakarta.

Well, that is partly true because most of us rent rooms for Rp350,000 a month. Looks cheaper right? Wait till you see the hidden charges.

Unlike in Jakarta, the room rental cost here does not include “wash and iron” so you are left on your own to solve the problem. If you don’t have the time, which very likely for all who work at Balicamp, then you may want to have the local to wash your clothes for Rp120,000 a month.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that even for that truly significant amount, you still need to provide the detergent and softener.

What else? How about an empty room for a start.
Most of the rented rooms here do not have any drawer or cabinet to store your clothes. So you will surely need to buy one for around another Rp 120,000.

Well, the list can go on and on..


There is only one main road going to Denpasar and there is only one public transportation going there also. People says that the fare is about Rp15,000 one way, though I haven’t prove it myself.

Having motorcycle will help to get you around and to the nearest town though maybe not to Denpasar.

Renting a car with several friends maybe the best way to go to Denpasar and other cities. The rent cost is about Rp250,000 a day (24 hour) with no driver nor gas included.


This is really a subjective issue because different people like different kind of entertainment. The only entertainment facilities in Balicamp compound when this post is written is internet access, and… hmm, is there anything else fellas?

If you think sport as entertainment then probably you will get entertained in the swimming pool, and fitness center (which look like real fitness center if only there are anything more than three bare benches).

The nearest cinema is about 20 kms away, though you may change your mind once you get there.

If you want to experience Bali, then going to Denpasar and other major tourist spots are really the answers.

Closing Words

The Balicamp compound is indeed magnificently beautiful. It doesn’t look like an office even a bit, it’s more like a recreation cottage. So I believe you will get awe when you get into the famous Balicamp at Pacung.

However, what really surprised me is really the total cost of living here. It is not cheap at all, and in fact, it might get more expensive compared to living in BSD.

Although it is really not the responsibility of company to provide all the necessities of all employees, the company may help the employees to get better deals since most of the employees are new to the location.

In the end, working at Balicamp Pacung may not be perfect and has its own advantages and disadvantages as has been discussed above. There are a lot of homeworks for Balicamp to improve, and employees also should not expect too much from company.

So just enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility of Pacung on workdays, and travel around the Paradise Island on weekends… Yeah baby!!!

8 thoughts on “First Three Days Experience at Balicamp Bali”

  1. vand says:

    nice article.

    tomorrow at 4.00 PM, i have an interview schedule with Mr. Wisnu Widiarta. “interview with user”-thing..

    quite nervous rite now..clueless about tomorrow..

  2. admin says:

    Vand, just take it easy and hope the interview went well! Tell me when you make it and see you in Bali Camp.

  3. vand says:

    The interview went quite well. He gave me 3 problems to solve, and i got it done in time, but unfortunately, i made one syntax and one semantic error. 🙁

    The HRD (Ms. Yeni) told me to wait her call in 1 or 2 weeks, and i’m still waiting for her call rite now.

    Wish you the best in BaliCamp, mate. God bless.

  4. admin says:

    Wow, one syntax and one semantic error is really good. I
    think I made more errors when I was interviewed.
    I believe you will be accepted here bro!

  5. ice says:

    One syntax and one semantic error? waww.. compared to that i’m nothing..

    humm.. thank for the info djitz..

    I’m getting nervous to join BC too..

    Anyway.. is living at Pacung really that expensive?

  6. djitz says:

    Hi ice, so you already accepted at Bali Camp? When are you going to join the training?

    Don’t be nervous, working environment here in Pacung is one of the best.

    About the living cost, I’m not sure how to say it right, because different people have different spending habits. Anyway, as far as the boarding and food expense in Pacung is concern, it’s quite close to the expenses in BSD.

  7. Oz says:


    I’m still a student enrolled at Faculty of Computer Science, UI. I’m looking for internship to gain my 3 sks credits. If there is such an opportunity or contact person in Balicamp to whom i should contact, please let me know in advance. Thank you very much.

    1. djitz says:

      Hi Oz, I think you can email your request to [email protected]. 😀

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