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Bose AE2i Headphones Review

Bose AE2i Headphone

Well well, just on my last day of work in my co-op semester, I found out that one of my office friend has the Bose AE2i headphone.

What a pleasant surprise, it’s about time for me to post another headphone review also before the year 2011 ends. So I immediately borrow the headphone and give it a quick test. So, does the sound quality justify the price tag? Let’s see..


Just a reminder, it’s an around-ear headphone so I expect a good sound isolation from the Bose AE2i, and it really has it, I can hear detail sounds clearly.

Bass test was a bit disappointing, PX100 beats it on the same volume level. You can get very good bass punch from AE2i if you raise the volume, but that also means raising the risk of having ear damage. This might be due to the impedance difference, but since Bose doesn’t release the specifications, we will never know.

There is no question for the mid and treble sound, they are just really good.

I tested different songs genre, and I think it doesn’t sound quite fit for any type of songs that have a lot of bass sounds (such as techno and some rock songs). If you prefer instrumental, R&B, Jazz, or Pop, this headphones is a good choice.

Detail : 5/5

Bass: 3.5/5

Mid: 5/5

Treble: 5/5

Physical Form

Like all other Bose headphone, it looks aesthetically pleasing (it’s quite big, but not bulky) and also very comfortable to use. Besides, the Bose label is just too cool for people to unnoticed.

The one that my work colleague has is the AE2i version, so it can be connected to phones and it has microphone and volume control (unfortunately the volume control doesn’t work in my laptop).


It’s $162 on Amazon. What can you say, it’s Bose.

Buy it or Not?

Though it’s priced at over $100, it’s actually not so expensive as the other Bose headphones. But with the same price, I think you can find headphones with better sound quality from other brand. It’s just that it won’t have that “Bose” label.

I’m not saying that it’s not a good headphone, considering sound quality only, I think I can give it 9.0/10. But considering the price, I would give it 8.0/10.

The sound quality definitely more than enough for most of the people, but it won’t satisfy a hi-fi aficionados.

If look is a very important thing for you, then Bose AE2i can be your choice. It’s not $300, and it will instantly give you a cool factor when wearing it. 🙂

Songs used in this review:

Chicane – Halcyon – MP3
Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory (MP3) and Meteora (FLAC) Album
Maliq & D’Essentials – Heaven – MP3
Bayu Risa – Fire – MP4

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