Bali Camp Pacung Pictures – Night Edition

me in front of bali camp stone

As most of you have heard about the Bali Camp legends (if you haven’t, then you can listen now..), the Bali Camp office in Pacung, Baturiti, Bali is so much famous for its beauty. Splendidly designed to be unlike any other office, the legend holds true till now.

This was my chat with one of my best friend:

djito santoso: udah lihat fotonya?
my friend: kantor tuh??
my friend: anjeeeennnnggg
my friend: pantesan betah lu di kantor
my friend: emang nasiblu tuh ya ada aja hokynya

[english version]

djito santoso: have you seen the picture?
my friend: that’s an office??
my friend: daaaawwwgggg
my friend: that’s why you love to stay in office
my friend: you really always get lucky in your life huh Continue reading “Bali Camp Pacung Pictures – Night Edition”

Bro Ivan Insights for Medtech Graduates and CDs

UPDATE (3/12/2012): You can find other articles related to medtech here.

A week ago brother Ivan wrote comments in the “5th Tips for Medtech Intern” post in this blog. He is an AUP medical technology graduate, a senior of mine, and has a lot of important tips for all medtech graduates, and medtech cd as well. He wrote about the career alternative that medtech graduate possibly have in hospital beside in the hospital laboratory as we know it.

Brother Ivan wrote six parts comments in the post and I believe it is too valuable to be comments only, so here I create a dedicated post for his comments. I hope it can bring new insights for all of us. Continue reading “Bro Ivan Insights for Medtech Graduates and CDs”

How Do I Sleep In The Office?

My Lovely Office Bed

Ever since the third week of my work here at BaliCamp Pacung, I become one of the office habitants. It was started by my senior developer who began sleeping in the office every night a week earlier, and in just a few weeks after, the office habitants have increased to not less than 10 persons (me included :p).

Why do we sleep in the office? There are many reasons actually, but probably the best one is:

“Why Not?” Continue reading “How Do I Sleep In The Office?”

Medical Technology Course, What Is It?


UPDATE (3/12/2012): You can find other articles related to medtech here.

Just when I checked the traffic to my blog today I noticed that one of them is the google search result with keywords “medical technology course what is it about?”. Hmmm.. it really sounds familiar, because everytime people ask me what my bachelor course is and I tell them that it’s bs medical technology, they either do not know what medical technology do or never even heard the course at all. Continue reading “Medical Technology Course, What Is It?”

Playing Around With Comic Life


Just tried playing with the software Comic Life by plasq. It’s a really cool software to create comic effects of your pictures collection in just a few minutes. Really cool software, it’s a must for you who get bored with ordinary photos on your blog or social network websites.

Here I upload my first comic life result. It’s composed of three pictures when me and my work colleagues in Bali Camp went to Kuta last month.

Okion Temus™ Full-size Multimedia Stereo Headset with Microphone – AHS9M Review

Okion Temus AHS9M

Just bought Okion Temus AHS9M Headset in Kuta today. I was really looking for a headset, headphone with microphone that is, so I can chat using Yahoo Messenger or Skype more comfortably rather than talking to my laptop monitor screen closely (since my laptop microphone is located on top part of the LCD screen).

Got several options actually, but somehow I got interested to this Okion Temus. Besides its friendly price (Rp 75,000), it’s also has a big driver. I love big driver because I still believe the bigger the driver, the better the power, which could mean better sound and deeper bass.

I borrowed my friend’s Sony Ericsson Walkman phone to test drive several headphones in the store before I decided to bought the Okion Temus. Continue reading “Okion Temus™ Full-size Multimedia Stereo Headset with Microphone – AHS9M Review”

First Three Days Experience at Balicamp Bali

Once again one of my dreams come true last Sunday when I and other 20 persons become the first batch that was sent to the Balicamp at Pacung, Bali.

It was not all sweet experience here though, chilling nights, ice water morning bath, great amount of hidden charges, and isolation far on top of the mountain are just some of the miseries we all experience here.

But when the time we went to Kuta beach, all of series of unfortunate events above are all forgotten.

This article is written to describe about the condition that we feel so far (three days far to be exact.. ;D) about our new work environment at the famous Balicamp. I try to be as objective as possible, though some subjectivities may still present. Continue reading “First Three Days Experience at Balicamp Bali”

Three Years After BS Medical Technology Graduation: Lessons, Wisdoms, and Thoughts

 Graduates Picture from

Warning: This article contains strong and provoking words that may discourage some of the readers who are currently taking bachelor of science in medical technology and/or bachelor of science in laboratory science as it is called now.

UPDATE (3/12/2012): The comment section for this article is closed because it has gotten too long. You can find other articles related to medtech here.

BS Medical Technology (BSMT) or also known as medtech was one of the best science course one can take in Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP) during my study there. The sight of medtech clinical students (CD) wearing white uniform and black pants for the guys with a silver name tag shining sent an exclusive image for those who wear it.

The course was designed to only allows the smartest and the brightest to survive. It was famous for its hectic schedule, long laboratory hours, and difficult curriculum. All of these create a mysterious impression of the course itself and its students altogether.

Having all of these characteristics plus the banner that constantly announced the course’s top notchers in the Philippines medical technology board exam, the course receives high respect from the campus community. Thus the future seems bright for the medtech graduates.

However, the question is, is it true? Is the future really going to be dazzling for the medtech graduates, who are mostly the brightest students of the campus? This is the question that I’m trying to answer through this article. Continue reading “Three Years After BS Medical Technology Graduation: Lessons, Wisdoms, and Thoughts”

Djitz Sabbath School Stack

In the programmers world, there’s such thing called application stack. It’s a list of favorite tools that a programmer use to write programs. A programmer’s application stack usually differs from another programmers’s because there are so many tools available out there, and programmers have different personal taste.

So as with one’s Sabbath School (SS) stack, I believe different people have different favorite Sabbath school lesson studies and preparation books that they read. Although if I’m not wrong, this only applies to less than 10% of church members who regularly read lesson studies to prepare for the Sabbath school discussion. (Don’t you think so?)

Anyway, I’m not writing this post to judge anyone, but I just want to share my Sabbath school stack, a list of my favorite tools that I use to prepare myself for Sabbath school discussion every Sabbath. The list is sorted in order of importance.

  1. e-Sword
  2. Adult Sabbath School Easy Reading Lesson Studies
  3. Sabbath School U Video Cast
  4. Adult Sabbath School Lesson Study Outlines by Bruce N. Cameron, J.D.
  5. Sacramento Church Sabbath School Discussion Video Cast

I will discuss briefly about each of the tools above. Continue reading “Djitz Sabbath School Stack”